Questions about costs and insurance coverage.

What costs does insurance cover?

Good news!

The development of our online course has allowed us to separate the non-covered cost of teaching our methods from the covered costs of seeing, treating and supervising our patients for their associated medical conditions. This allowed us, beginning in 2014, to accept most major health insurance policies.

Most insurance plans cover medical office visits. If we provide you advice on diet or weight as part of a visit for treating or monitoring your medical condition, those visits should be covered. The usual co-pay and deductible amounts will still apply.

If you are on prescription medications, or have medical diagnoses, such as diabetes or hypertension, we recommend supervision, by a qualified health practitioner who will take the time to work with you, understand your diet, monitor your progress and adjust your medications, when needed.

After your initial evaluation, if you begin our plan, there are a few costs for the course and books that are not covered by insurance. The course is $99, and the books are all under $30 each. Special arrangements are possible, if these costs cause you financial hardship.

If you have no medical problems, diagnoses, or risks, your insurance may limit what they cover beyond your initial evaluation. You may wish to take our course and follow our plan independently. If you learn to use this diet independently, without our medical supervision, taking the online course will cost you the same amount of $99. This will provide intensive and structured learning from your home computer, with the privacy you may wish. Follow this link for more information: OnLine Course Learning to use the New Hippocratic Diet is now available

Our medically-supervised program usually includes:

  • an in-depth evaluation with individual planning
  • specialized natural diet advice & progress monitoring
  • coordination of medications
  • group support

Your evaluation determines your suitability for this program and sets goals. It includes:

  • Obtaining your medical history, including details about your weight, diet and medication history.
  • Performing a physical examination focusing on anthromorphic analysis.
  • Performing a computerized analysis of measurement results to determine sensible goals.
  • Ordering relevant laboratory tests and and reviewing your laboratory results.
  • Discussing with you the suitability of this weight-loss program and setting mutually agreed upon goals.

Once you begin, you will progress through:

  • Phase one, using online training, provides you the information needed to begin this program. It takes about 8 hours to complete at home. Most people take about a week to complete this.
  • Phase Two, when you initiate the diet with close supervision and support through office visits while you undergo major changes in your diet and behavior.
  • Phase Three continues periodic office visits as you lose weight. The purpose is to provide you continuing support while we monitor your medical conditions and medication needs.
  • Group sessions provide additional support through peer interaction, to those who desire it. There is a voluntary weekly meeting, with no charge for attendance, provided you are an active patient who has been seen that week.

Do you sell for food or supplements?

We are a professional medical practice. We do not sell you food or supplements. We teach you about real food, which you buy and prepare yourself. Any recommendations we make for vitamins, minerals, and fiber are available at low cost any pharmacy or health food store of your choice.

What about laboratory test?

If you do not have recent laboratory tests, we may recommend them. We will send you to the laboratory, hospital, or primary care office of you or your insurers your choice. Your insurance will deal directly with the site doing the labs.

What about other materials?

We suggest that you purchase one of our books. You may purchase this online, at our office, from a local bookstore, or a health-food store.

What about co-pays and deductibles?

If you know what your co-payment is, you may pay it at time of service. Otherwise, we will bill you after your insurance has been processed. you are welcome to pay by check, cash or credit card.

How can I find out more?

Please contact our office for further information. Our phone number is 785-783-7779. Outside Topeka, call Toll-Free at 1-888-933-9833, or email us here Contact Us

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