What is Preventive Medicine ?

Preventive medicine focuses on early interventions and changes to protect your health before serious consequences occur.

Preventive Medicine has been recognized by the AMA since the 1950ís as a primary specialty branch of medical practice. Board-Certified physicians practicing Preventive Medicine are specialists who have spent at least four years beyond medical school gaining further training and experience in this field.

Completion of an approved residency training program in Preventive Medicine and passing rigorous examinations are all part of demonstrating competency for certification by The American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Physicians who are specialists in Preventive Medicine often work in one or more of the following areas:

In private clinical settings, providing both teaching and care to patients before significant consequences of disease have occcured.

In academic settings, conducting research and teaching physicians, medical students and other health professionals about disease prevention.

In government settings, monitoring health trends in the public and directing programs designed to prevent disease.

In Public Health settings, providing care that protects the public from certain forms of disease.


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