What is Natural Weight-Loss ?
Natural weight loss means reaching a healthy weight without surgery, dangerous medication or packaged diet foods. It means returning to the weight you want to be in a way that leaves you in control and allows you to maintain that healthier weight.

This woman wants you to see her progress So far, she has lost 140 lbs
Many adults recognize they are overweight but feel helpless to change.
They may have been victimized by ineffective diets, dangerous pills or food-sales programs.

Our natural weight-loss program helps people who have felt hopeless after trying other approaches.

They discover they were not failures,

It was the plan they had followed that was the failure !

Theoretically, anyone can lose weight on most diets. Unfortunately, this is usually true only if you are a rat in a cage. When you try to follow ineffective diets where you have free-will, you may be constantly hungry and find it impossible to lose weight. Such ineffective attempts to lose weight may have left you feeling trapped or discouraged. Our program puts you back in control. We evaluate you and teach you dietary methods that donít leave you hungry.
We do not sell you food, supplements or products.

If you are uncertain whether this program is for you, you are welcome to attend our Free informational seminar. This one hour session provides an overview of the program and will answer many questions. Check our schedule for our next seminar at our office or a public location.


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